Lance, Leanna & Co.

The Howard family is one of my favorite and loyal clients. Aren't they just beautiful? The kiddos seriously need to be poster children for children's clothing or something to the like! Families like this make me love what I do even more.

Happy Easter!

A little late, but you know what they say, better late than never! Hope your Easter was one of happiness, reflection, and family. Since I married Chip, I have really gotten into the spirit of each individual holiday; this includes decorations and doing my best to invite the festivity into our home...which can lead to compulsive visits to Robert's {craft store in Utah} and a never ending list of more crafts to make. All of which lead to the making of this:
and this...

that suddenly it becomes really easy to forget about the real meaning of Easter. It isn't about the bunny or candy, or beautiful and lacey pastel colored dresses and fancy dinners. It is about one extraordinary man's ability to conquer death so that you and I and everyone out there can be with those we love and cherish the most, together forever.

Hope your Easter was focused on the 3 most important things we can have: faith, family, and friends.

Howard family

Leanna is one of the sweetest and cutest people. She is a great mom and a wonderful friend and person. She is also a very thoughtful wife- she coordinated Lance's (her husband) family so that they could take pictures as a whole family as a gift for his college graduation! It was so much fun to meet her parents and extended family. They are a fun group to say the least! A happy bunch of bright blue-eyed and easy-going personalities made for a very enjoyable afternoon :)
Congratulations Lance!


Claryssa and I were roommates for a year right before I got married. That year I made friends that still comprise an important part of my life and she is one of the dearest to me. She is giving, kind, sweet, super intelligent, and beautiful externally and internally. 
She went on her mission, I got married and had a baby, and here we both are graduating from college at the same time. I am so excited for what is in store for her. She is an amazing person and a wonderful friend. Love you so much Clary!

Da Silva family

This session is probably my favorite so far. I met Elisa and William last week when we did their engagements, and a few days later they asked if I could do a family shoot for them. William and his brother, Christian, are getting married soon and their parents wanted family pictures of the kids with their soon to be daughters-in-law. Not only is this family beautiful, but it will soon be more unique and diverse: the boys and Karen are from Paraguay, Elisa is from Argentina, and Gaby is from Brazil! How cool is that?!

I about died when I was editing these pictures. Can you tell the boys love to tease their sister Karen? I love how it is so obvious that they just plain love her too.
Silva 1
Congratulations to Elisa and William as well as Gaby and Christian! What a beautiful family y'all make!

P.S.- Isn't Karen a beauty?! {She is single too ;) }

Elisa & William

Now I know for sure that engagement shoots are my favorite indeed. Elisa and William are so sweet and tender with each other and inspire me to be just as polite and courteous with my other half. You are beautiful couple and will have a beautiful wedding day! ¡Me encantó poder conocerles!




Critter Giveaway!

Remember my sweet friend Charity? A.k.a the creative mind behind PitterPatHeart?

Well, she has done it again.
She has created more lovelies such as Camera Critters. Think of the last time you were taking pictures of little people, you know,  babies and children. I don't know about you, but sometimes that perfect shot seems impossible to capture because I can't keep their attention long enough to say Cheeeessseeeee! 

Most Critters are not pleasant. But- I can assure that her Camera Critters are not only darling, but they help solve this dilemma of mine and hopefully yours!
SO- without further adieu...let's dive into the details of another GIVEAWAY!
One lucky follower will receive their choice of a Camera Critter.

To be entered in the drawing, all you have to do is: 
* "Like PitterPatHeart on Facebook (here)
* "Like" KP photography on Facebook (here - or you can simple click on the pink button at the bottom of this page)
* Leave a comment on this post telling us which Critter you would like if you were our winner!

Those are required. For bonus entries,  you may:
* Follow this blog (click on Follow at the bottom right corner of this page)
* Follow PitterPatHeart's blog here 
* Share on your Facebook wall, blog, Twitter, whatever! (You can do this as many times as you would like!)
* Come back to this post and leave a comment for each of these additional entries upon completion. 

Winner will be chosen at random and announced on Saturday night, April 16th. 

P.S.- Don't forget to check out all of the other Critters in the PitterPatHeart shop!

Isn't Charity nice? ;)

An old friend & new inspiration

Have you noticed a new element on the blog? Yup, that cute new thingy up at the top? My amazing and ubber talented friend Ruth designed that cute, girly logo for me as a gift.

I know- I have awesome friends. Ruth has always been the type of person to hesitate to speak bad about anyone, to worry about the well-being of those whom she loves as well as perfect strangers, to stay up till 1 am finishing a project out of the goodness of her heart for a very nagging girl she calls friend. {Yes, that would be me}

I am so blessed to have friends like her. Friends who will be there when you need them, be loyal and honest, defend you when your reputation is being questioned, offer a shoulder through tough times, celebrate your triumphs, and offer a hand when you are down.

Thank you for inspiring me to be more like that. Thank you for being you. Gracias por ser mi amiga...y por el bello logo! :)


Celeste & Jose

I have known Celeste since I was 13. I met her and her exceptional family when we moved to Mérida, México and they quickly became a family that we admired and called friends. Now she is engaged and getting married this summer. It is amazing how quickly time flies. Celeste and Jose make a beautiful couple and you can tell they are much in love.
¡Felicidades a una pareja hermosa!


Fabi & baby Luca

My little sister is one of the nicest and most patient pregnant ladies out there. You are not only beautiful inside out, but you will be such a wonderful mother Fabi. I can't wait to meet and hold little Luca. I love you both!
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