It's quite true that a picture is worth a thousand words...and there is just something about a black and white photograph. Personally, black and white just speaks to me in a different way than color does. It evokes serenity, pensiveness, intimacy.

I am in awe with the emotion that is easily captured when the subjects exude an intimate and loving connection.
Beautiful and radiant mother and precious daughter take the emotive component of this picture to a different level.
Angelle, you are such a beautiful woman and mother, inside out, and your perfect baby girl is truly a gem.

I couldn't decide whether I would share the color or b&w copy, so I just had to post both. Which one is your favorite?

Soon it will be Christmas Day...

and if you haven't gotten those lovely Christmas cards ready, I have great news! There is still time. Choose your picture, choose your template, and I will personalize your very own Christmas card. For cards with picture taken by me {Kristal Price Photography}, personalization is only $10 and for pictures not taken by me, $12.

Joy Template


Chevron Template


Seasons Template


Ho-Ho-Ho Template


Remember, wording can be modified to say what your little heart desires and specific fonts can be requested!
*Orders must be placed by Dec.20th.

Celeste & Jose...married

The day was beautiful, the couple was radiant, and I felt very privileged to share such a memorable day with them.


Valerie & Steven

Couldn't have asked for a better engagement shoot! The evening was perfect, the light was delectable, and the soon to be wedded were radiant. I mostly loved how translucent their love for each other and his dedication to our wonderful country were. Steven, thank you for serving our country!


Little Miss C.

Being a photographer can be very challenging, especially when it comes to capturing that perfect shot of a little one. Little people want to run around and do everything but sit still long enough for that perfect smile or glance to be recorded. This was so not the case with this little girl. This session was one of the easiest and most enjoyable ones that I have had. She may only be a 6 year old pretty girl, but she has the spunk, eloquence, intelligence and insight that some people my age don't possess. Absolutely loved this session!


Dani, Selma, & baby Emma

One of the best things about growing up 
is keeping in touch with those friends you grew up with 
and meeting their spouses and expanding families. 
I am so glad I finally got to meet your sweet, beautiful little Emma. 
For being up past bedtime and out in Arizona's lovely 102 degree heat, she did great! 
You three make a wonderful family!


Christmas in July!

I don't know about you, but I have definitely been feeling like this year is going by way too fast. Before you know it, it will be Christmas all over again! So, in an effort to help you get ready for the Holidays and avoid the procrastination that comes along with the stresses of preparing for the Holidays, you can have me take care of your greeting card planning part!

Christmas in July Special
July 30th only
*15 minute session in a beautiful orchard
*5 snapshots in color and  black and white on CD
*25 beautiful personalized greeting cards {on linen or pearl paper} including envelopes
all for $90!
Spots are limited so hurry and reserve yours!! 

{images provided by Kristal Price Photography's professional lab of choice and are for demonstration of actual product only.}

thank you h.t.!

The boy she is going to marry

I finally met him...
and he is amazingly perfect for my dear friend. 
Alex and I grew up together, were roommates in college,
and now we can spend even more time together 
as she joins the wedded club! 
{I'm a little excited...can you tell?}
Congratulations Brigham & Alex!


I love you always forever

When I met these two,
I immediately thought of Donna Lewis' song I Love You Always Forever.
I listened to that song over and over when I was in junior high...
it still makes me smile when I hear it.
Maybe my affinity for it is due to the fact that my mother would sing it to my little brother as a baby.

I digressed...Back to the beautiful couple. They both have beautiful blue eyes, 
but this soon to be bride's eyes are seriously amazing!
Loved meeting you and I am excited to get to know you both better!


To be photogenic has to be genetic

Wouldn't you agree just by looking at this bunch? 
Can you believe they think they are not photogenic at all?  
I know. Neither can I. 
You all are simply beautiful! 
There is no way that you can use that excuse anymore.





Here comes the bride...

definitely all dressed in white...and fuchsia!
I loved everything about this bridal session. 
It was a stormy evening but the light was perfect,
Celeste {remember her engagements?} was radiant, 
and we had such a fun time.  
Even the little drops of rain couldn't ruin a thing.






His Hands

So, remember my super cute and talented friend Jessica 
{a.k.a one of the bees from the Queen Bee Market and designer behind Allora Handmade}? 

Today on her blog she talked about how she has felt God's hand in her life... which got me thinking... that despite all of the different components that make each human being an individual, we all have at least one thing in common.

Probably the most important thing we can have in common: 
we are all a child of God who is deeply loved by him.

There have been times in my life when I have felt his love and care for me more intensely than others, but I have always felt that he is there. No matter what. Whether life may give rain or shine, warmth or gloom, there has never been a doubt in my life about His unconditional love and presence in my life.

I realize now that those times when this feeling of assurance was not as strong as it could be, or should be, were {and are} a result of my own doing/choice.

He never abandons us; we step away from him.

Lately I have made it a goal to make a more concise effort to recognize the little things, as much as the  big things, that are undeniable testaments of His hand in the life of my friends, family, and more specifically, my own life.

I am grateful for the many blessings that I am fortunate to have. I may not have the home of my dreams, a fancy car, the income to support all of my worldly caprices...but it doesn't matter... because I am in no way short of the things that matter: 
a wonderful companion/best friend, 
a beautiful and sweet little girl to raise,
two families that love God and love me, 
siblings that are my best friends, 
best friends that are like my siblings, etc, etc.
The list can go on and on. 

All of these blessings have taught me to understand how much He loves me. I say taught because I firmly believe that like faith itself, we have to want to see His greatness and influence in our lives; how He moves our mountains, calms our ocean's rage, and makes us whole.

I know that He lives, and just as surely that I know that He is watching over me and all of His children, I know that he loves me the way a father loves his precious daughter...      
                                                              and clearly now i see him with his hands
                                                                      calling to me and though I'm not yet as I would be,
                                                                          he has shown me how I could be.
                                                                               I will make my hands like those from Galilee. 

{excerpt from Kenneth Cope's "His Hands" }

Happy birthday America!

We will be going to the traditional downtown parade, 
having a cookout with friends, 
and waiting for the huge firework show in Salt Lake.
How about you?

Happy Fourth from my little American pie.


A few tips and tricks

As a photographer, the way a session turns out is mostly dependent on you. {That is what most people think anyway}
I agree and disagree at the same time. I can do my best to nail the exposure, pick spots that have perfect lighting, suggest wardrobe pieces, and move you around like you are a puppeteer and I am the master.
However, there are some things that you can keep in mind {as the beautiful model} to make sure that your shoot will rock your world. Are you ready to be deliriously enlightened?

* Share with your photographer {ahem, that would be me. I hope!} before the shoot every single detail that has been lingering in your mind that would make this shoot absolutely perfect according to your standards. Whether it be a particular pose or prop idea, I would love to hear it!
* Know which profile is your best. We all have it! I know, it is silly, but walk over to your nearest mirror {like, right now!} and look at the amazing reflection staring back at you. Is it your left or right side that is your best looker?
* Smile! And smile and smile. Practice your smile and different expressions that best flatter your features. Personally, when I smile toooo genuinely my heritage suddenly becomes somewhat Oriental and not Hispanic {yes, I am Hispanic :) }My "small" eyes get more of the limelight when I smile a certain way. So, rehearse those smiles and expressions so that they are natural and flattering. {rehearse, rehearse, rehearse=natural.}
* Wear clothing that compliments, not accentuates, your body. I say compliments instead of accentuates because the latter can work against you. This is a no-brainer right?  I know I avoid horizontal stripes and too tight fitting clothing after Thanksgiving... But enough of that.
* Don't get so focused on the mix-and-match thing. I  promise that the less you try to match with each other, the more *natural* {important word} and relaxed your pictures will feel. Again, the key here is to complement...everyone can wear a different color and your pictures will radiate harmony if you pick the right stuff.
* Practice great posture. Not only will your knees and other important body elements thank you, but we will spend less time focusing on correcting slouches and more time snapping away at those candid moments.

That's it! Just a few things that will help make your photoshoot even better. Easy peasy, right?

Escobar clan

I know I have said this before, 
but I really love this hobby/job for many reasons,
  mostly because it allows me to meet such great people. 
The Escobar family is so laid back and fun; 
you would think they are subjects of photoshoots all the time! 
You all are a beautiful family! 





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