Khloe's Blessing Day

Our baby girl was given her baby blessing this past Sunday, as she turned 2 months... it is definitely a bittersweet thing to watch your children grow up, especially when it seems to be happening at the speed of light.

My sweet Khloe, I am so grateful for the gift of being your mother. I love you with all of my heart, my sweet blossom of wisdom.

Khloe1 Khloe2 Khloe3 Khloe4 Khloe5 Khloe6 Khloe7
Melanie, a deep, huge thank you for the beautiful dress. Sharing your wonderful talent with us made the day much more special. You have an amazing gift.

Mandy, thank you so, so much for the adorable headbands. They are perfect! You are the sweetest and have such a talent!

Both of you girls are so sweet and made Khloe look radiant! Thank you, thank you!

 P.s.- you can see more of Melanie's vintage lovelies here {Sadie Then Ty} and more of Mandy's beautiful creations here {Lacy Mae Designs}.

A little insanity and...a Lacy Mae Designs giveaway!

Just because today is a day to have a good day,
        because I am grateful for the wonderful support I have had as I am learning to be a mother to 2 little gals,
          because I am slowly learning to function with chronic exhaustion and slight insanity,
                         and because I have been supported, encouraged, and inspired by wonderful women out there...
                                                          I want to give back to you loyal customers and readers.

I am giving away some of Mandy's beautiful creations to one lucky reader. Yep, all 3 of these adorable headbands can be yours!
Not only are they super cute, but they are also super comfy and stretchy so your little girl will not even know its there!

Are you excited?! {You should be. Trust me.}

 If you want this more than anyone, all you have to do is:
* "Like" Lacy Mae Designs Facebook page and post on her wall to let her know I sent you
* "Like" KP Photography Facebook page

Then, leave ONE comment ON THIS ENTRY once you have completed the steps above.
But wait! There are more ways to increase your chances to score these lovelies.

For additional entries you may:
* leave some love on Lacy Mae's wall. We all love a little compliment, right? {Peruse her page and you are sure to find something you might just have to have.}
* "SHARE" this giveaway with your friends on Facebook! Simply go to KP Photography and under the link about this giveaway that is posted, click on Share. You may share as many times as you want! Remember to again leave a comment on this post for each additional entry you have completed.
*  Subscribe/follow this blog {see bottom of page}

 The giveaway will be closed on Wednesday, May 9th at midnight.Winner will be announced here on May 12th {my birthday!}. Good luck!!

Baby I.

Little girls are so much fun...especially when they are young enough to not have an opinion of their own and are just about 100% docile and don't mind wearing all sorts of frilly, feathery, girly stuff to be photographed in over and over {and over}. This little cutie is just like her mommy- very easy on the eyes and a total doll. So glad we are friends Nikki! _DSC4919B _DSC4926B _DSC4941B _DSC4954B

A new little girl and some darling baby couture

Our second little girl came into our lives a month ago...
 Khloe SofĂ­a Price was born March 26th at 8:15 am, 7 lbs 7 oz and 21 inches long.
It is amazing what having a tiny new spirit in the home will do to the body and soul :) 
We have never been more sleep deprived, gone through so many diapers, or happier. 
_DSC4833B _DSC4862B _DSC4809newB
Notice the darling headbands that Miss K is donning? There is a lot more where that came from, let me tell you.

These lovely accessories are from Lacey Mae Designs which is a growing business that I am absolutely sure will just boom in the very near future.
I will tell you why.
Because Mandy, the owner, is truly an extraordinary person.
Why she is so extraordinary?

 Let me tell you a little about Mandy's goal with this new business.

 Many of us have needed or will need help and support during our lifetimes. Mandy is asking all women to join her in doing a better job of supporting, loving and seeking all women in need with a major focus concentrated on single mothers and women needing support to get out of abusive relationships. With the support of her husband, Chris, who also shares her passion, they have big dreams for reaching out and making a difference. Their vision and five year plan is to take Lacy Mae Designs into the public as a boutique and cafe where the community can gather in friendship and join in the common goal of loving and supporting each other. In doing so, we will all be better women, wives, mothers, daughters, sisters, friends and examples to other women. It will be a place where encouragement and uplifting strength will be felt and shared. Where others burdens will be lifted as women lean on one another and work hard physically, emotionally, and spiritually, to support themselves and their children (who are suffering at no fault of their own). As their boutique is filled with all the fabulously beautiful things women love, they will be able to financially do what they really want to do to support women and children in need. Mandy's experience, is that often the smallest gifts and knowing that someone "out there" cares and understands, provides the strength to keep functioning as a mother/woman.

Is she amazing or what?

So, if you want to join in the effort, you can help by "liking" her Facebook page here and spreading the word. 
For those of you lucky local peeps, you can stop by her cute shop and browse the myriad of darling things she has to offer!


This little stud of a guy recently had a birthday. 
One of my favorite things about being a photographer is working with returning clients 
and watching especially the kiddos grow. 
Rhys just gets more handsome and his eyes are more stunning each time. Happy birthday buddy!


Valerie & Steven...married

Congratulations you two! 
It has been a long time glad you are now husband and wife. 
I'm sure there are many great things in store for your new family. 
You make a beautiful couple!


Miss Violet

Just in case you didn't get enough of this little beauty, here she is. 
Absolutely delicate and perfectly beautiful. Congratulations to you, Charity, James, and Isaac! 
The newest addition to your family is adorable.



Not only is Charity possibly the sweetest person you will EVER meet {she really holds up her name}, 
but she is also such a beaming mother-to-be. 
She is due any day now 
and gives all the other pregnant {and non-pregnant} ladies out there 
{including myself of course} 
a slight case of jealousy...the good kind though! 
I wish I looked as fabulous at 37 weeks  as she does! Admit do too. 
Can't wait to meet that baby girl. She will be simply beautiful!


One Little Word

I keep coming across friends who are joining the One Little Word movement. If you are like me about a week ago and have no idea what this is, you are in for a year-changing treat. {or so it should be}.
This movement encourages us to think of one word that will be the catalyst for our goals, dreams, and pretty much everything that we do this year. I have my list of resolutions made out yet I kept feeling somewhat irritated {discouraged, maybe?} that I had to look at it everyday or else I would forget every exact goal written down. No biggie. I've dealt with it and plastered it somewhere I know I will see it every morning so that there is no excuse for shortcomings.

Anyway...back to OLW. I am very excited about this. One word to remember. That is all. One word to burn into my brain and heart that will be my constant companion throughout the day, wherever I am, whatever I am doing that will help me stay on track and do the things that matter the most.
This is possibly the hardest thing I have had to do today: to choose such a pivotal word among thousands that race through my mind yet don't feel just right. Have I mentioned that being a perfectionist has to be the hardest thing about being me and should be considered a complete character flaw instead of a effective character trait?
I digress.

The word that spoke to me, {no, yelled at me} was patience.

I really, honestly, genuinely, ardently want to be a literally patient person...with my beautiful 2 year-old, with my darling husband, with family, friends, everyone I know, with God....but especially with myself.

As I prepare to hold in my arms another of Heavenly Father's choice children, I am constantly caught in an inner turmoil; a grapple where my self-confidence in raising another child and still do the things I have to do and love to do, seems to dwindle and thoughts of incompetence plague my heart.

So, my one little word I hope will remind me to:
be patient with my shortcomings. I am not perfect and never will be in this mortal life. It is ok if I don't prepare a stellar dinner every night that looks like it was made by Rachael Ray. It is ok if I didn't get to reading the full 2 chapters of scripture study for the day. I can only try my best each day. Tomorrow is just another chance to make up for today's shortcomings.

be patient with progress. goals aren't accomplished overnight. It will take months to get my pre-baby body back; it will take weeks to get used to juggling a toddler and a newborn; it will take days of not leaving a messy house before I figure out how to have happy babies, clean home, and a happy me.

be patient with those around me. God loves them, flaws and all...I am no one to judge them or think my way is better.

be patient with God's timing and plan. He knows why things happen the way they do, when they do, or when they will. There is no point in wishing for a different phase of life, a different city to live in, a bigger and newer house to call our own and not simply dwell in. Trust Him.

After all, it is...

Too late for second-guessing
Too late to go back to sleep
It’s time to trust my instincts
Close my eyes
And leap…

I’m through accepting limits
‘Cause someone says they’re so
Some things I cannot change
But till I try I’ll never know.

 Be patient, Keep trying, and Take leaps. Lots of them.

Book of Mormon Reading Chart

One of my resolutions this year is to really study the scriptures, above all, the Book of Mormon. After searching high and low for a printable reading chart and feeling disappointed with the blah and scarce options, I decided to create my own {not to say I think this is the most fabulous chart ever created...I just like that it has some color and designs to satisfy my girly appetite}. Next step is to figure out how to post it somewhere so that you, my lovely readers, may download it for personal use if you wish. If you have any ideas/suggestions as to how this can be done, let me know! I would love to share this with you all. Happy reading!

*For now, if you would like a copy, please leave a comment with your email address and I will forward you the PDF file :)

S N A P ! 2012

No, I'm not expressing a sudden realization that it is no longer 2011. 
What I am suddenly realizing is that I desperately want/need to attend this amazing conference. SNAP! is a craft and DIY social media conference that will be taking place this April here in Utah {} There are so many reasons why I would love to attend, but just to name a few:
* I would love to see Jess, even if it is just to say hello!
* Being surrounded by successful and positive people who want you to find success as well is very invigorating to me. A really good pep talk does wonders for my soul.
*As you can see from my frequency of posting, I need some pointers as to how to balance being an entrepreneur with the roles of mother, wife, friend, sister, daughter, etc.
* Simply, some "alone" time in the midst of hundreds of brilliant, strong, and creative women is always a treat.

So, have I convinced you yet of why I NEED to go?
 Last winter, my genius friend Jessica from Allora Handmade and The Queen Bee Market mentioned on her blog this upcoming conference...and it instantly was put on my wishlist for things to sign-up for. Well, here I am, almost a year later and still not registered and the money I was supposed to save and allocate for such sign-up is still lost somewhere in WishLand...{sigh}

One of these days I will be a completely recovered procrastinator. I promise. But in the meantime, some help sent my way would not only make my day but would be greatly appreciated.
Let the bribing begin.

Listen closely.
SNAP is giving away 3 tickets to this amazing conference...and you can help me be one of the winners. Starting Saturday, January 21st, the "linky" on the SNAP blog will be open for voting for a whole week. This means that you can go to the linky and vote for my entry! The top three entries that get the most votes will be selected and then a random winner will be chosen from those 3 lucky ducks. 

SO- as a way to thank you and coax you into voting for my entry, I will be giving a free mini-session OR 8x11 print {for those of you who don't live in Happy Valley} to a randomly selected participant if I win!. All you have to do is:
* go to the *LINKY* and vote for my entry beginning January 21 through January 27 
* come back and post a comment here stating that you did so
* if you get friends, family, other people you know to vote, you may comment for each person you "referred"...make sense?

Get voting and cross your fingers for me! :)

Sweetheart Promo

I don't know about you, but Valentine's Day tends to stress me out...just a little.
I can never think of the perfect gift for my sweetheart 
that really shows him how much I treasure his love
and value our relationship.
I think I may not be alone.

In my efforts to save the day for you, 
the Sweetheart Promo is back.
Give the timeless gift of photography!


Template Samples to choose from:


This little future beauty queen
is one of Kami's favorite friends...
and they are only days apart in age!
My hubby and her dad have been friends for a loooonggg time and
it is so much fun to see how 
our kids continue that circle of friendship.
Happy 2nd birthday Maddie!


Andrea & Christian

Andrea is Vicky's sister...{see previous posts}
Can you tell? They are both so beautiful...
I'm so excited for her and their upcoming nuptials.
You will make one adorable bride!
Congratulations Andrea and Christian!

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