Spring Renewal

The coming of Spring is much anticipated in my life. I grew up in Texas, where it is warm and sunny most of the year. 
Needless to say, I struggle enduring cold, harsh, gloomy winters.
There is nothing like the rebirth and renewal that this season brings with her.

So- to celebrate the official arrival of Spring, 
I compiled a list of all of the things that make me feel renewed. 

Get the drift? :)

* The color mustard. I don't know what it is about this color, but seeing it, wearing it, observing it in the world around me makes me happy. Right now a new pair of shoes in mustard would seriously make me jump up and down at least a couple of times.
* Pedicures. Soft, polished heels and perfectly lustrous pink tips make me feel girly and pampered.
* Music that strikes a chord. From Diana Krall to Samantha James, Luis Miguel to Michael Bublé, Belanova to Rhianna, Usher to Justin Bieber (Yes, I like ONE of his songs. Just one.)
* Girlfriends. Getting a random email, phone call, or text  just to say hi from someone who knows little details like where you are from, your birthday, your sisters' names, etc - always makes my day.
* Going on dates with such girlfriends and our hubbies who share inside jokes with each other and have most likely known each other since high school and if not, act like they do.
* Tanning. An exploding dose of instant endorphins? YES, please!
Accomplishment. A unique photoshoot, a new blog design, a craft concoction, a new recipe made to scrumptious perfection. Any accomplishment is always a boost of confidence and empowerment.
* Rewarding shopping. Working earnestly hard for something that took time, dedication and effort and rewarding myself with that new handbag or lens that I have had my little eye on.
* Exercising to begin the day.
* Reading a good book in the tub.
* Listening to motivating discourses given by successful people.
* Smell of desert rain in the spring and summer months. 
* Surprising someone with something they have been needing/wanting.
* Getting friend requests on Facebook from someone I haven't seen or spoken to in years yet are very present in my memories.
* Observing my darling handsome hubby engage with Kamila in storytime or frolic or whatever activity it is that keeps them busy while I sit back, relax, and soak it in. 

Just to name a few.

What about you?


KerriLee and I met as we began our degree together in the same cohort. She quickly became one of my dearest friends. 
She is such a beautiful girl and such a sweet girl. 
I can't believe how fast those 2 years went by! 
Kerr- can you believe we are D-O-N-E? Love you friend!



Sam & Vanessa

I think my new favorite type of session is engagements. I love being around couples who are just twitter-patted with each other. Vanessa and Sam are no exception. They are a beautiful couple. I am so excited for you two! :)


New Beginning

In two weeks it will be the anniversary of my grandfather's passing. He was, and still is, such an important and transcendental person in my life. 

When I was young, he was always chasing us around trying to get as many pictures as he could. The man loved taking pictures. That camera that he lugged around to Disneyland when they took us for the first time 20 years ago was the same one he used to take the last picture I have of us together. 

I have never endured a more difficult passing than his. Now, all the tangible things that I have left from him are precisely photographs and his old, but trusty and beloved, film camera. I found a hobby when I was given his hobby workhorse and developed a zeal for photography when I realized that I felt closer to him when I enveloped myself in such a beautiful and rewarding art.

I treasure the keepsakes of memories that I have left of him more than anything else tangible that he ever gave me. He gave me a life of happiness and left me with a dream to follow which I am sure brings a smile to his face and makes him proud.    

Cheers to this new beginning.
"Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end" ~ Seneca

Kamila & Zane

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