I don't know about you, but one week after I give birth I look just that: like someone who just had a big beach ball removed from their abdomen, dark circles under my eyes, straggly hair, and the oh-so-beloved-glow from pregnancy is.long.gone...but not Tiffani. She is one of those very, very lucky ladies that look absolutely amazing despite all the hard work they are putting in as new mommas! And to top it off, little Avary is one of the most beautiful babies I have seen...seriously, I just wanted to put the camera down and pinch those little cheeks. avary2 avary3 avary4 Avary1 avary6 avary5 avary8 avary7


One of the best things in life is relationships...I am so blessed to have wonderful friends who each bring something wonderful to my life. This little beauty turned one of my dear and beautiful friends into a mother...a radiant one, I must add. It is beyond amazing to see how the girls you used to play dress up with and pretend you were both Hollywood starlets with, become women with their own families...Love you Alex! Adyana1 Adyana2 adyana3 adyana4 adyana5 adyana6
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