Life is Beautiful

Meet my fellow-photographer and friend Cristina's family. Aren't they a lovely bunch? These kids are adorable! The entire time I was editing I couldn't keep a smile off my face.

I am so grateful to know strong people who have turned some of life's hardest trials into something sweet... the whole "make lemonade when life hands you lemons" deal. Life truly is beautiful...Thank you Cris for always reminding me of this!

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Some of my favorites...

I am doing my best to get caught up with sharing all of my past sessions with my lovely clients and friends but this belly and the two little people who are my full-time bosses make things harder to get done on *my* timeline. Excuses aside, I hope I can figure out how to soon be a mother of 3 (!) and still do what I enjoy doing: photographing these special moments for people that I love and have known forever and for those who I now call friends. So stay tuned, I still have some sessions to post- I haven't forgotten any of you! _DSC7129 _DSC7115bw _DSC7058 _DSC7057bw _DSC7033 _DSC7314 _DSC7270bw _DSC6624 Untitled-1 _DSC6575bw _DSC6514

Howell family

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