a Freshly Picked review + giveaway!

One of the imperatives that parenthood bestows on innocent parents is the unsolicited advice.
{I can already see you nodding your head in agreement}
From feeding and sleeping advice to parenting techniques and proper discipline.
Before you tune me out, let me assure you will thank me for this piece of my mind
I am about to kindly offer you.
You know those cute little feet of your ever-busy toddler? _DSC8198B The ones that are “baby stinky” that you love to sniff over and over, making your husband wonder
if the sleep deprivation has officially erased your old you and made you mad?
Well, in my household those little feet were usually barefoot because:
1) I couldn’t find shoes that would stay put on those darling stinkers and consequently end up lost in a mall or park somewhere
{not to mention that my husband is tired of my incessant searching for things that get lost}
2) the shoes that are actually cute and stylish would only fit for 2 months tops during this ever-changing metamorphosis known as infancy.
All this changed when I discovered Freshly Picked moccasins. No more naked, chubby baby feet around here. I always heard raves from fellow mommies about how wonderful these little shoes were and how they were patrons for life, and still I was a little hesitant to drop a few Jacksons down to become a member of the FP club.
{Listen up…here comes the unsolicited advice you’re dying to hear}
However, I reminded myself that I am a believer in “you get what you pay for” and bought my first pair of those shiny, soft, coveted moccs.
That was it. I was immediately converted.
They were beautiful to look at, comfortable on my tiny monster’s feet, and are made to grow with your baby, giving you at least 6 months of wear before baby’s foot outgrows them, not because of deterioration in quality. I have bought hard-sole shoes from many brands and most only fit for about 2 months, max! Well worth every penny spent on these babies, if you ask this frugal momma. The soft-soles are thick enough to protect baby’s feet and soft enough to allow flexibility, especially when baby is learning to walk. The elastic makes it virtually impossible for baby hands to rip them off their feet. They are simply wonderful, trust me.
Now I feel it is my duty to emphatically advice every mom-to-be to put them on her must-have list.  For those of you who are aunts, grandmothers, bffs: hope you’re taking notes too. They don’t want diapers and wipes at their baby shower, or stuffed animals and outfits for baby’s first birthday… they want something Freshly Picked.
Here comes the fun part. Because I am here to help you take my advice, my sisters and I from Lace and Pearls Company have partnered up with Freshly Picked to bring you an amazing giveaway!
Hop on over to Instagram and follow @laceandpearlscompany for your chance to score a free pair of Freshly Picked moccasins of your choice in any style or color! {like these adorable Heirlooms in Cream and Gold!} How awesome is that?! _DSC8208B I leave you with some proof that I do take my own advice.
Happy First Birthday, my sweet baby girl!
_DSC8183B _DSC8185B  
P.S.~ What is your favorite inspirational quote?

Baby Reece

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