Not only is Charity possibly the sweetest person you will EVER meet {she really holds up her name}, 
but she is also such a beaming mother-to-be. 
She is due any day now 
and gives all the other pregnant {and non-pregnant} ladies out there 
{including myself of course} 
a slight case of jealousy...the good kind though! 
I wish I looked as fabulous at 37 weeks  as she does! Admit do too. 
Can't wait to meet that baby girl. She will be simply beautiful!


One Little Word

I keep coming across friends who are joining the One Little Word movement. If you are like me about a week ago and have no idea what this is, you are in for a year-changing treat. {or so it should be}.
This movement encourages us to think of one word that will be the catalyst for our goals, dreams, and pretty much everything that we do this year. I have my list of resolutions made out yet I kept feeling somewhat irritated {discouraged, maybe?} that I had to look at it everyday or else I would forget every exact goal written down. No biggie. I've dealt with it and plastered it somewhere I know I will see it every morning so that there is no excuse for shortcomings.

Anyway...back to OLW. I am very excited about this. One word to remember. That is all. One word to burn into my brain and heart that will be my constant companion throughout the day, wherever I am, whatever I am doing that will help me stay on track and do the things that matter the most.
This is possibly the hardest thing I have had to do today: to choose such a pivotal word among thousands that race through my mind yet don't feel just right. Have I mentioned that being a perfectionist has to be the hardest thing about being me and should be considered a complete character flaw instead of a effective character trait?
I digress.

The word that spoke to me, {no, yelled at me} was patience.

I really, honestly, genuinely, ardently want to be a literally patient person...with my beautiful 2 year-old, with my darling husband, with family, friends, everyone I know, with God....but especially with myself.

As I prepare to hold in my arms another of Heavenly Father's choice children, I am constantly caught in an inner turmoil; a grapple where my self-confidence in raising another child and still do the things I have to do and love to do, seems to dwindle and thoughts of incompetence plague my heart.

So, my one little word I hope will remind me to:
be patient with my shortcomings. I am not perfect and never will be in this mortal life. It is ok if I don't prepare a stellar dinner every night that looks like it was made by Rachael Ray. It is ok if I didn't get to reading the full 2 chapters of scripture study for the day. I can only try my best each day. Tomorrow is just another chance to make up for today's shortcomings.

be patient with progress. goals aren't accomplished overnight. It will take months to get my pre-baby body back; it will take weeks to get used to juggling a toddler and a newborn; it will take days of not leaving a messy house before I figure out how to have happy babies, clean home, and a happy me.

be patient with those around me. God loves them, flaws and all...I am no one to judge them or think my way is better.

be patient with God's timing and plan. He knows why things happen the way they do, when they do, or when they will. There is no point in wishing for a different phase of life, a different city to live in, a bigger and newer house to call our own and not simply dwell in. Trust Him.

After all, it is...

Too late for second-guessing
Too late to go back to sleep
It’s time to trust my instincts
Close my eyes
And leap…

I’m through accepting limits
‘Cause someone says they’re so
Some things I cannot change
But till I try I’ll never know.

 Be patient, Keep trying, and Take leaps. Lots of them.
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