mu's bags~ "Practica Crossbody" review..

I can't even think of where to begin raving about mu's bags.
They really are mu's  {meaning beautiful in Quiché}...
I was so excited to have my very own crossbody bag after being on the hunt for one for months and months. Everything I came across that caught my eye was either
 too small, too big, too small with a huge pricetag, or too big with little quality.
I was elated when this little beauty was finally in my hands.
It is simply beautiful...
just enough bohemian and still elegant...
and very well-made.

Honestly, at $40 it almost seems too good to be true.
Easy on the eyes + easy on your wallet= win, win.

_DSC8141 All of mu's bags are either crocheted {it is customary for the men to do this- isn't that neat?!}
 or fabricated from handmade Mayan huipiles and brought to you directly from Guatemala.
The huipil textiles are not only hand-woven, 
but they are also gently worn by the natives to give it that extra character and uniqueness.

So... it looks great, 
but what about the functionality you ask?
Well, let me tell you.
It is everything you want it to be and everything you would expect it to be.

Five minutes ago I grabbed my Práctica and poured out its contents to show you what I regularly carry in it as I dash out the door to some hot date with the hub or a quick run to the grocery store.
Keep in mind that I am a mother of 3 very active and very "accessorized", if you will, little girls...
with that said, it is roomy enough to hold all my lady accessories and even some baby items.
 {see that cute little teether, Sophie La Giraffe?}
I easily could even put in 2 diapers and my wipes case in there along with all these items, including my not-so-slim wallet and my thick and bulky Mom Planner. That agenda is seriously 2 inches thick and about 5 inches wide and it fits perfectly inside the bag.

See? And it doesn't even look bulky, does it?
The inside has a zipper pocket as well as several open pockets for a cell phone (my iPhone 5 slid right in and I'm pretty sure most phones would), lip gloss, makeup compact, little notebook, etc etc...the possibilities are endless.
The outside also has a pocket with a zipper where I usually store my phone and keys for easy access and is also roomy enough to accommodate other goodies as well.
Did I mention the strap is adjustable too?! 

I love this bag.
The vibrant colors, the crochet, the uniqueness...
It's simply perfect :)

This is a great bag for anyone, whether you're a busy mom or not, who wants a  beautifully stylish bag that is also hands-free and comfortable.

Bottom line: you can't beat the quality of it's functionality design, visual appeal,  and incredibly reasonable price tag. It is a must have and they are one-of-a-kind pieces so grab yours here or here on Instagram
fast before someone else snags it up!

 Last but not least, a big thank you to my beautiful little sister for being willing to model for me! _DSC8132

My little girls' haven...

From the moment we decided we were going to build a house, the girls' room was on the top of my project list...pins I have been collecting forever on my Pinterest board were finally going to become useful to make my vision a reality! 
I wanted the room to have a subtle, feminine feel to it but still capture the essence of belonging to little girls. I also wanted it to have personalized touches 
that would reflect my girls' individuality and foster their creativity and imagination. 
 It still isn't complete {I feel it needs a few more decorative touches but am not sure which ones}
 but I decided I would go ahead and share with those of you who have been asking to see the room. Perhaps you might even give me a suggestion or two! :)
_DSC8011 Untitled-1 Naturally, we had to have one of Tnees Tpees in there somewhere! My girls love to read and that little space becomes a magical hideaway for them where they snuggle their favorite friends and cuddle up together with a book or two. Courtney outdid herself with this custom teepee, wouldn't you agree? :)
_DSC8076 _DSC8071 _DSC8075 The heart of this room's decor is the custom bedding made by Reverie by Mel. I can't describe how talented she is! I asked her to make something feminine, delicate, with a hint of vintage... and boy, did she deliver. I had been on the lookout for bedding ideas everywhere and couldn't find anything that would fit what I envisioned for my girls.
Everything from the tea-dyed lace to the delicate ruffles make it absolutely stunning and unique. This was the element that inspired the creation of the teepee, so naturally the teepee was made with the same fabric to be the perfect complement.


Almost needless to say that my oldest daughter loves her new bed and thinks that it also
is a perfect spot to catch up with Eric Carle, Shel Silverstein, and Jerry Spinelli just to name a few. _DSC8032 _DSC8033 _DSC8087 _DSC8085B
Now we just need to have the white shutters installed, possibly some frames above the dresser and a quote above the window between the girls' beds? Know of any cute quotes for a little girls room? What do you think?

This is why you should invest in a photographer...

We are very lucky to be able to go to California every summer with extended family and every year, I drag my poor husband and kids to the beach for an updated family picture. 
This past summer I had every intention on having a friend of mine take them for us but logistics got in the way and I ended up having to orchestrate the whole thing. 
We all know how stressful it can be to achieve that perfect photo shoot we envision...for me it was planning the outfits, dealing with ridiculous California traffic, cranky kids, making sure the outfits didn't get ruined, cleaning up all the sand before loading all kids back into the car. 
Then come the 5+ hours I spent editing just these pictures...yes, you read that right. One girl was looking at me while the other was looking at the seagulls behind her father while the baby was busy discovering what sand tasted like and obviously had no interest in glancing in the cameras way. Thank goodness for Photoshop that allowed me to merge 3 different images into the one where all three are actually looking at the camera :) So, after 10+ hours of prep and editing, you may have at least a little bit of that dreamy photoshoot...and let me tell you, it is always worth having someone else do 8 hours of that work. _DSC5438FINALfinal _DSC5417 _DSC5398bw _DSC5387 _DSC5447 _DSC5482

Tristan Ariel

It is always such a sweet opportunity to photograph 
 the arrival of a brand new little spirit to this world, but when it is 
one of your siblings' children, it becomes 
a tender, memorable moment. _DSC7774final _DSC7683 _DSC7675 _DSC7704bw _DSC7652 _DSC7655 _DSC7588 _DSC7597 _DSC7603 _DSC7617 _DSC7767 _DSC7764 _DSC7769bw

Welcome to the world little Tristan

_DSC7512 _DSC7511 _DSC7479 _DSC7495 _DSC7497bw _DSC7526bw _DSC7521 _DSC7563 _DSC7533


Lately I not only find myself surrounded by pregnant ladies, 
but by women who look just gorgeous while enduring those eternal 9 months. 
Lycia is no exception :) _DSC6566bw _DSC6570 _DSC6610bw _DSC6652 _DSC6735 _DSC6738 _DSC6756 _DSC6788
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